Magnetic bead conjugated to antibody

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To enable fast, simple, and efficient purification of target antigens, we provide highly sensitive magnetic bead conjugated antibodies. Using these MagBeads, you no longer need to centrifuge and stress your samples. Additionally, our MagBeads and the target antigens they bind are very easy to separate and isolate from the rest of your sample. The high binding capacity, specificity of binding, and easy use is ideal for your immunoprecipitation, protein / peptide purification, and mass spectrometry studies.

Advantages of our MagBeads include:
- reproducible results (inter-assay and intra-assay variation < 10%)
- gentle on samples, minimizing protein / peptide degradation
- can be used with very small sample volumes (> 5 ul)
- versatile across sample types (e.g. plasma, CSF, tissue homogenate, cell culture)
- high recovery of target antigen (> 75%)

principle of mass spec

Our magnetic bead linked antibodies have already been used in a variety of applications. These include...
(1) Validation using small sample volumes (e.g. for CSF, tears, saliva)
(2) Quantification using mass spectrometry
(3) Quantification via magnetic bead assay

Diagrams and references of each validated application can be found below.


(1) Validation using small sample volumes (e.g. CSF, tears, saliva)


small sample analysis using magbead



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(2) Quantification using mass spectrometry



magbead mass spec bnp-32standard curve for BNP-32 derived from nano-LC-ESI-FT-ICR MS data

a) Chemical structure of stable isotope-labeled BNP-32 (BNP-32*). 

b) Standard curve for BNP-32 using data derived from nano-LC-ESI-FT-ICR MS data.

Figure from:  Adam M. Hawkridge et al. PNAS 2005;102:17442-17447



(3) Quantification via magnetic bead assay 

magbead immunoassay


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